Industry insiders have long proclaimed public speaking as the highest paid skill. Appearances on stage give audience members a chance to get to know you and “sample” your work, increasing the likelihood they will buy your book, hire you as their consultant or schedule you for a media appearance. Being on stage increases your visibility and positions you as an expert on your subject matter. For authors, public speaking increases awareness of your book and often results in increased book sales, consulting contracts and other business.

Throughout my career, I have worked with hundreds of speakers and on both sides of the fence: hiring them to speak at events I’ve produced or with which I’ve been involved, as well as securing paid opportunities for them to speak at other events. Almost every one of them has agreed being on stage generates better results and more business advertising or marketing efforts alone.

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Additional Resources for Clients
As a client, you will have access to my trusted vendors and service providers, such as graphic artists, web designers, speaker trainers and media coaches, many of whom work exclusively with authors and professional speakers. You will find that they are well positioned to help you save time and money as you move forward in becoming a published author and fee-paid speaker.