You’ve spent your career getting paid for what you do.
Now get paid for what you know!

 You’ve spent your career getting paid for what you do managing people, leading high performing teams, determining strategic direction, building consensus; the list will go on and on if you stop and really think about all the different skills and talents you have developed and enhanced over the years.  You have done some pretty incredible things to achieve your level of success.
Now get paid for what you know.  Along your journey to success, you have learned things -- how to manage difficult people, how to improve employee performance, why strategic planning is critical to success.  These are experiences you now know how to navigate for successful results.  Why not share the lessons you’ve learned and get paid along the way?
I work with thought leaders and successful professionals like you to build a business around your core expertise.  Whether you want to increase awareness of your business or services, you’re looking for an exit strategy from your current company, you want to start working on your re-firement (because people like you never fully retire, they refire up and go on to do more great things) or it’s just something you’ve always wanted to do, I can help.

Get Published.

Author Development - Go from manuscript idea to bookstore shelf.

Get on Stage.

Speaker Development - Move from program concept to on-stage presentation.

Speaker Management - "Suit up and show up" without sweating the myriad of details.

Get Results.

Strategic Sessions - Learn how you can leverage publishing and public speaking to accelerate your business growth.

Continuing Support Services - Keep your business running smoothly.