Most of my clients have been speaking publically for years, but usually as a company representative or spokesperson. Their presentations have been focused on company programs and topics related to their organization and industry. Many have developed impressive speaking skills and are well received by audiences, but they don’t know how to move from these company programs to programs that share their life stories, lessons learned or personal concepts.

The good news is that it really isn’t overly difficult to transition from a company speaker to a public speaker. You just need a solid plan and an overall strategy designed to help you achieve your unique goals.

As your speaking consultant, my role is to assist you in developing your public speaking platform. From creating your signature speech and marketing materials to identifying potential engagements and securing legitimate opportunities, there are a myriad of details and processes required to get you on stage and paid for speaking.

I will be your guide and central point of coordination, working with you to ascertain your target audience(s), determine potential topics and formats, create your program menu, develop your signature speech, establish your fee schedule, and generate other speaker-related materials necessary to promote and manage you in the role of public speaker.